Oct 16

AgileOpenKitchen: Visit, share and learn

AgileOpenKitchenAgileOpenKitchens. We have had a few and until now the response from attendees is positive. We have been very welcome at companies who opened their business for those who are interested in Agile, Scrum, Kanban and anything in between. Companies who don’t have everything perfectly running and still learning the ropes, but who are on a path to success or at least a fun and great way of working together.

So what makes a great AgileOpenKitchen?

  1. First of all, just open up. We often hear that a company is not ready for us. That there agile journey is not yet to a point where it is perfect. But it never is. You keep on growing and learning. The end not the goal, the journey is. And you only get better when you learn from everything.
  2. Be honest. Just show what you do and how you do it. An AgileOpenKitchen goes both ways. Share what you do and be open for feedback. Positive and the learning’s.
  3. Spare a little time and involve everyone within the company, don’s just do it in a confined meetingroom but open up your workfloor. Show your scrum or kanban board. And let those who work with it share what they do.
  4. Just have a few beers.


It is so simple to get insights, contacts and feedback. And most importanty, knowledge.

If you are interested in opening up your company to an AgileOpenKitchen. Just let us know. And don’t just think this is something you can just have in the Netherlands, where we started this, you can have it anywhere. We can use your help as a location (kitchen) provider but also as someone who would like to initiate a contact for a kitchen. Just let us know and we help you on your way.

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