Jan 20

A dog will guide you

DOGWe probably all know a little about the term DevOps. It is said to be the next best thing. Where Scrum doesn’t provide, DevOps does. Basically it’s nothing new. The goal is to maximize the predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability of operational processes. And this objective is very often supported by automation. Now Scrum does provide but I have to admit leaves a few black holes about deploying and maintenance of software. But let’s make one thing clear. DevOps does not replace Scrum. It can be seen as an add-on . As an extra way of thinking towards continues integration and optimization of quality and communication (try saying that after a few beers). So let’s be aware of the next wave of bullshit that is threatening to come our way.

I think we got away with the Scrum master, product owner and Scrum coach titles. We accepted somehow that there are Six Sigma Black Belt Lean Coaches (I really need a lot of beer to accept those guys). And now we start with DevOps. There is nothing wrong with DevOps but let’s agree not to go into the next wave of fluffy experts who charge by the hour to sell you a load of stuff you already know but are afraid to do yourself.

I’m sure there are already a few new titles in the making. And I have to admit that I’m not afraid of earning a little extra money on a hype. So I came up with some cool titles to sell to companies who want to start with DevOps and who don’t understand that your Scrum or agile experts can help you with this. If you don’t have an Agile expert then you might want to hire the next cool thing for your DevOps implementation.

The DevOps Guru or DOG for short. A dog can help you to guide you through your IT and development landscape. A dog can find the things that you have lost like the different self-optimized departments who somehow lost their way and connections within your company and who are running things on their own. A dog can round up any stray members who got lost from the herd and help them to work together again to optimize the software flow towards the customer. A dog can… Well I think you know where this is going. Just don’t accept new fluffy bullshit that is sold to your company. DevOps is just optimizing your delivery process. Good communication and Working together. To stop acting as separate departments and to begin to think again as one big team. Hey that sounds a lot like Scrum or Kanban, and there is even some Agile mindset to it.

But maybe I just keep the DOG in mind. As Scrum coach I think I can provide, maybe I’ll start the DOG application process where you must submit yourself to a Certified DOG trainer to get your DevOps guru License. Hell I could start help those gurus and become a DOG whisperer or something like that. Wow, I think I just struck gold here. Let me write this down in a manifesto of some sort. The DOG manifesto. No better, the DOG Domestication Treaty.

Ok, I’m rampaging, sorry about that. I’m just saying. Just do it. Use Scrum or Kanban to visualize your working process and agree that DevOps aids in release management for a company by standardizing development environments, it’s nothing more. And let’s try to stay away from all the magic and nonsense. Because before you know it a dog is just selling you your own shit in a new wrapper.

(by the way, respect for Cesar Millan. My dog won’t even listen when I shout)

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