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Naam: Douwe Attema
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As an Agile and Lean coach , SAFe Agilist (SA) and Agile Advanced Practitioner I am combining more then twenty years of experience in accelerating organisations become more Agile and Lean. With my background and experience I help leaders and knowledge workers to achieve measurable and sustainable organisational agility by being Agile and not just doing Agile. I helping transforming organisations to have more fun and deliver more then twice the work in half the time. I am guiding Agile and Lean transformations in small to medium sized companies. educating people on the Agile mindset and learn them to create lean high performing teams. Specialties: Interim Management, Coaching, SAFe, Agile Scrum, ITIL v2 and v3, ASL, BISL, Service Management, Change management, Cultural Management, Crisis Management

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  1. Don’t hire a ScrumMaster — 3 augustus 2015

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aug 03

Don’t hire a ScrumMaster

The ScrumMaster is a role and not a job title, so companies posting a vacancy for ScrumMaster are on the wrong track. Earlier we talked about the idea to first answer the “why” question and then start by looking for the right people to help you with the Agile transformation. Lately we see that roles …

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