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Naam: Joost Mulders
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Joost Mulders; Agilist and management innovator. Passionate to help people, teams and organizations to re-invent the workplace by guiding them to a level of continuous improvement and becoming truly agile. Implementing agile practices since 2006 with a strong background in a variety of roles within software development as a developer, business analyst, project manager, agile coach, trainer and manager. This enables me to understand the challenges of agile transformations on all levels in the organization. This experience combined with my enthusiasm to find a spark in every person helps me to facilitate people to excel and achieve greatness at work.

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  1. Heroism as an impediment — 1 September 2013

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  1. Heroism as an impediment — 1 reactie

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Sep 01

Heroism as an impediment

Everybody knows them, the heroes in the organization. They are the ones that know all the ins and outs of the product, architecture, frameworks, infrastructure and the cleaning lady’s schedule. They are the ones who stay late to finish the last tasks before the sprint ends, they refactor the code in the middle of the …

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