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Naam: Rudi van der Made
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Professionally I've started developing software and myself in 1993. I have worked for (various clients of) a consultancy company for three years, and then for two software product companies (six years each). During this time, I've developed from programmer and software architect, to an involved and responsible manager. In 2008 I started as a self-employed innovation consultant in the software branch: supporting software product companies to improve their development process, with special attention for fun, creativity and innovation. Sometimes as an advisor, sometimes with operational responsibility. Always with an agile mindset, and specialized in Scrum since 2009. Currently I'm working as a Scrum coach for software teams and their customers.

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  1. The Agile Concerto — 5 April 2014
  2. Being a servant developer — 10 June 2013
  3. Functional agility vs. technical solidity — 30 April 2013
  4. Scrum is fun — 29 March 2013

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Apr 05

The Agile Concerto

Earlier this week I was at the Effenaar in Eindhoven for the first show of The Jam Sessions by The Kyteman Orchestra. It caused a severe case of professional deformation in my head: for me this show is the ultimate agile concert. And it was great! Let me first explain the concept of this new …

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Jun 10

Being a servant developer

Some developers think being part of a Scrum team is like paradise: you can do whatever you want, and even better: the manager is there to serve you. Wrong! Okay, I was exaggerating, developers don’t think that, but still, everything in that direction: wrong! Scrum defines the Scrum Master as being a servant leader, and …

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Apr 30

Functional agility vs. technical solidity

Scrum is about delivering value to the business right now and being agile when it comes to future wishes. Software architecture is about being prepared for the future. Those two don’t seem to match very well. Well, agile does not mean ignorant, and prepared does not mean ¨cast in concrete¨. So start doing, and never …

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Mar 29

Scrum is fun

I remember when I was young, and I was programming alone, you know, as a hobby. I was the customer, the requirements analist, the designer, the architect, the programmer, the tester and usually also the only user. It was great fun. Trying to solve complex issues gave me joy, and doing it successfully made me …

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