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Naam: Samantha Hosea
Datum geregistreerd: 12 december 2012


I'm an agile enthusiast. I'm interested in seeing how teams can involve the end user in their agile process. In my daily work as a freelance ux researcher, I put this to practice. I believe we can greatly learn from our users and other stakeholders, no matter what project we're in, no matter which stage the product is in, and I think we should be involving them more in the development process. I'm not a developer, and I was trained as a designer, but I chose to do applied user research instead. The agile way of doing things has attracted me for some time and I've started implementing this in my work.

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  1. The Little worlds of Agile and Lean — 22 March 2013
  2. The Opposite of Agile — 11 February 2013
  3. Mini Golf Tactics — 3 January 2013

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Mar 22

The Little worlds of Agile and Lean

Lately, I have found myself being sucked in the little world of ‘Lean Startups’. Since I love being sucked into new little worlds, I do not mind this at all. I savor the feeling of being a traveller in a slightly different culture, learning their language. If a Frenchmen thinks of bread, he would call …

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Feb 11

The Opposite of Agile


Most of us might have played the game of Opposite Day when we were young. The rules of the game are simple: You’re supposed to say the exact opposite of what you mean. For instance, I would tell my mom: “I hate you so much”, when I really wanted to say that I loved her. …

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Jan 03

Mini Golf Tactics

Or How Product Vision is Agile’s best friend. As a child I was already partial to Agile Thinking. I remember one of my first mini-golf games, where I – unaware of the goal of using as few strokes as possible – carefully directed the ball towards the putt little by little. I had to be …

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