May 12

Be the change

Image source: http://pragprog.com/magazines/2009-11/the-agile-coach

People hire me as a Scrum coach to help them to make changes. Often these people work at companies that want to work with an Agile Framework, often Scrum. In many cases when I have the first talks about the how’s and why’s. I get most of the information I need as a coach to get starting. Sometime I’m asked how I’m going to do my work or if I have a plan. My honest answer is that I don’t. Off course I have ideas about how I’m going to do my coaching but I’ve learned that just starting with inspection and a lot of talks helps me to get my hands on everything.

The biggest challenge I face often is not that of helping a team with Scrum. I coach the Scrummaster and Product owners so they can lead and facilitate the teams. But in almost every case I smash into the company walls. Upper management, CEO’s, CTO’s and so one, sometimes want Scrum to work but don’t invest the time needed to get knowledge for themselves. They just rely on me as a coach to do the job for them. I think this is very dangerous, I might have a lot of knowledge and experience to apply changes but I’m just like everybody else, just human. I can make mistakes and my power (if there is any is limited. But even more important, how can you expect that your company will change if you as an initiator. don’t know what is happening or why. Yes I can teach and consult but the responsibility for change is not mine. It is of those who want that change.

At every intake that I conduct with companies, my first question is why they want to work with Scrum. Often I get a logical response but my response is always the question if everyone is committed and willing to change. But telling that someone is commiting is one thing, actually committing is something else. So I was thinking that maybe it would be a very good idea to make this commitment transparent. Maybe a sort of Scrum Coach Commitment document with statements like this one;

My name is …….., and I hereby commit myself to the learning’s, coaching, consultancy and examples of the appointed Scrum coach and will do everything in my power to turn this change into a success. I know it will be hard and difficult. I acknowledge that the way we are used to work will change and I shall accept this and make this change my own.

I would so much love to set this in writing on the wall and ask everyone who is going to work with the Scrum framework to sign it. I know there is the Agile Manifesto and you might say that this should be enough. But even though the manifesto is a very good idea, it does not say anything about really committing to change.

I would like it if a company not just hired a Scrum Coach as a sort of excuse or silverbullet, but that they openly commit themselves to the change. And then ask a coach to guide them. The best guide is knowledge and this is something that you can get for yourself. So read, learn, get involved, work together and most important be the change. Otherwise it will not work.

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