Oct 13

First AgileOpenKitchen: done

A couple of weeks ago I got together with Niels Talens and Maurice le Rutte. We thought up a few great ideas and one of them was simply visiting other companies. Not just sitting in some boring room and watch slideshows, but actualy have a look at how they work. Having a view of the scrum boards and all other artifacts. And hear from the actual people who do the job, how they do the job. An actual look in their kitchen. Now how to start something like that. Just approch a company and say that you would like to spy on them. Basically that’s how we did it. Offcourse we don’t realy spy, as the process that is used is already out into the open. There is nothing new about scrum or kanban. But what can be new and refreshing is to see how a company actualy uses it.

The first AgileOpenKitchen was last friday evening at VI/Company. A couple of blogs back I sort of bashed their scrum board. In stead of getting back at me, they willingly took up the glove and invited us into their lair. As it turned out their board works very well. They have focus. Everyone is involved in the projects. And the creativity can be felt withing the walls. It can even be seen on their walls as almost evey surface is a huge blackboard on which employees and customers can scribble.

So it turned out the be a very positive and energetic evening that ended with a few beers, tablefussball and the exchange of business cards and smiles.

If you would like to have a go and stir in some pots and pans then subscribe to our meet up group. Or if you are willing to give us a look into your kitchen, please feel free to contact us. I promise you won’t be disappointed either way.

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