Apr 25

Have fun with Lego

Lego RetrospectiveIt’s not the first time I write about this. Maybe I’m very enthusiastic about this. Maybe I just want to tell you about this because it is plain and simple fun but very effective. Doing your meeting with Lego.

As a coach I help people to see things how they are, either good or bad. Applying transparency is important in every environment, not only if you are Agile or doing Scrum or Kanban. So once in a while it is good to look back at situations to see where you can improve. In Scrum it is a good idea to do this after every sprint. It’s one of the moments where you get to change and improve the way of working. But even if you don’t do scrum it is smart to look at what you are doing. One way to do this is with Lego Serious Play.  You can start with buying a big box of Lego and just do it. But a little knowledge of how Lego Serious Play works and how those little bricks can jumpstart the brain is, I think, important.

I’m not going to tell you how this exactly works. It might take a few pages. Although LSP seems simple, the logic behind it and the working of this method takes a bit more explaining.  But once you are able to understand how it works (ask you local coach or LSP facilitator) you can do very powerful sessions with your team or department.

This is not a blog to sell myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always keen to do this and earn a little money. But I write this to show you that you can do more with your Retrospective then just sit around the table and talk. Even when you use stickies, retro-games or whatever, once in a while you need new and fresh ideas to get people to attend with new energy. You might want to consider Lego. The glistering in the eyes of ever the participants is so much fun because no matter what age you are. And no matter what you position is within your company. Everybody just loves to play with Lego. Imagine that you have that positive feeling and then do a meeting. Trust me, it will be both fun and work. It will be serious play.

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