Jun 06

Mother of all F***-ups

We often tend to go back to old habits when for instance stress levels go up, when a Scrum master turns Projectmanager again or because some tasks are just harder than expected.

One of these habits I see a lot is not taking responsibility for the things that take some effort or perseverance. We don’t take responsibility but make assumptions instead. And then hide behind them.

We get things like: Yeah that’s nice but,

  • my stakeholders won’t have time to discuss the value.
  • our customers are different than yours so we will do Scrum but…
  • I understand Agile perfectly but my boss doesn’t.
  • they will never let us pair program.
  • they don’t know anything about software.
  • our sales only knows how to sell fixed scope projects.

We make assumptions because we think we know what another person or group thinks, we think we cannot do anything to change a situation or because we are too damn lazy to pick up the phone.

Mistakes caused by assumptions are dishonest mistakes. They often are stupid unnecessary mistakes which risk reduction of quality and business value. Understandable in some cases, but still plain stupid. We need to be alert and keep each other from going to this old habit of hiding. That too is our responsibility. Ask why or why not? Ask these questions 5 times if you want. Ask what you can do to help.

And you know why. I’m sure you do. But let’s say it once more: It’s because Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. And we as craftsman don’t really like fuck-ups, do we?

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