Sep 14

Sometimes Scrum-but is as agile as it gets

I think we all have heard people say they do Scrum but… Hell, I did it when my first agile projects were allowed. I neither had the knowledge or the support from my management to do Scrum by the book.

And a lot of times there are some basic elements that are being skipped or some really tricky stuff that is added. But in some cases people do Scrum-but and they have found great ways to cope with their situation by using their creativity and skills. They adjusted it to their situation and are getting things done right. Isn’t that what matters the most?

So before jumping to conclusions and judging or ridiculing their solutions, lets just see what they do and maybe learn something.

The only thing is that Scrum-but isn’t Scrum so you maybe shouldn’t call it that. It kinda creates the wrong expectations. But if you can explain why you do what you do the name you give it is the least of your worries.

Sometimes Scrum is doing agile but Scrum-but is being agile. Sometimes Scrum-but is as agile as it gets.

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