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Nov 23

IT professionals are just like humans

What do you think is the coolest: Starwars or Startrek? You are part of the in crowd if it’s the latter. Then you must be a geek and not a nerd. That is what I found out when I searched for the drives of software developers.  Although I not at all a fan of science …

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Nov 12

Bite the bullet

Let’s face it. There are no guarantees in life and even less in business. Often companies implement ways of working that they hope will bring some sort of guarantee that every problem will be solved. In the case of scrum it is sometime sold as the of silver bullet. Sold as the means to end …

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Oct 22

Leeroy Jenkins

A few years ago there was a very funny movie on the Internet. A group of World of Warcraft gamers came together online for a challenge. Together they plan to battle with dragons. Lots of dragons. A difficult challenge that they serve well to prepare. Spells are cast to each other for more power. Weapons …

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Oct 19

It takes time

How long does it take to implement scrum and turn behavior to a more agile approach? Scrum is something that helps to release software more often and faster with high quality. So this does mean that you want it as soon as possible. Scrum in itself is very simple. There are a few basic rules …

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Aug 28

Stickies don’t suck

A colleague of mine showed me something he found on the internet. A scrum board made of suction cups and little shields. All very nice divided on a glass window. The backside has patterns that make it nice to look at on the other side. My first reply was….wtf. When I read the blog and …

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Aug 03

Surpass the master

In our Agile community there is something known as Shu-Ha-Ri. It is an Aikido term and it stands for the transition from student to master and in the process of growing and learning, surpassing the master in wisdom. The idea is that the student becomes the master and the master turns into the student. Somehow …

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Jul 16

Drive slowly

This year we decided to go to Norway for our holiday. Together with my girlfriend Simone, her daughter Tiffany and my son Aidan (now you know a little bit more about me) I booked a road trip with use of my own car that I sort of specially bought for the rugged terrain of this …

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Apr 20

The last project manager

There is a sad thing going on in our business. While most of us are working in agile environments, doing scrum, kanban or any other agile project solution . A large quantity of people is not and slowly they are getting outnumbered. Amongst others we are witnessing the final struggles of the project manager. I …

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Jan 05

Is Kanban the new Scrum? I don’t think so

I’m writing this in response to a blog by The Hacker Chick. She says that, although Scrum works, the thing she does not like is the time boxed sprints. And that fixed sprints can slowdown release and make the project less flexible. Kanban does not work with time boxes and can maintain a steady flow …

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Dec 22

Leeroy Jenkins (dutch)

Een paar jaar geleden was er een heel grappig filmpje te vinden op Internet. Een groep World of Warcraft gamers komen online bij elkaar om een uitdaging aan te gaan. Gezamenlijk hebben ze als doel om in een grote ruimte het gevecht aan te gaan met draken. Heel veel draken. Een lastige uitdaging waarvoor ze …

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