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Apr 04

The myth of estimation


One of the trickiest parts in Scrum is estimating the entire Product Backlog. Often I’m asked to do this or to help Product Owners to do so. In almost every case management, the CEO or the customer demands it. Why would they want this? They want to know when everything is finished. And by estimating …

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Jul 05

Warroom tactics


I sneaked into the meeting. The conversation had already started and the pleasant introduction formalities where passed. The Scrum master and product owner glanced at each other and ignored me when I joined the others at the table. They knew what they had to do. The question posed by the division manager was very simple. …

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Jan 31

At your service

Software as a service

When you want to be successful at delivering software you have to stop treating it as a product and as a project. Turn it into as service to get it to be a success. Why do so many recruiters and HR staff when looking for new Scrum master still post ads that say that they …

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Nov 09



Are we prisoners of our own projects? We haven’t done anything wrong, we work hard to deliver great software. We try hard to add business value on everything we do and we try to work together as optimal as possible. But there is always that deadline that in most cases was devised by someone who …

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Nov 22



Deadline. “a line that was drawn around a prison. If prisoners crossed this line they could be shot dead on sight.” Zijn wij gevangenen van onze eigen projecten. We hebben niets verkeerds gedaan. We werken hard om software op te leveren. Proberen zo goed mogelijk business value toe te voegen in alles wat we doen …

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