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Oct 12

People are not cattle

(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

It is impossible to predict the future. So why do some of us still try to bring their company into jeopardy in trying to do so. I think we all heard of top managers who think they have so much experience that they can read minds, bring success to projects by keep doing the same …

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Sep 03

Involuntary scrum


The project was running for a while. Sprint after sprint the team members got closer to the goal. It was not a project where it was possible to produce software that was to go live after each sprint so they build upon it until it was done. The team was tackling the challenges when they …

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Aug 03

Surpass the master


In our Agile community there is something known as Shu-Ha-Ri. It is an Aikido term and it stands for the transition from student to master and in the process of growing and learning, surpassing the master in wisdom. The idea is that the student becomes the master and the master turns into the student. Somehow …

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Jul 16

Drive slowly


This year we decided to go to Norway for our holiday. Together with my girlfriend Simone, her daughter Tiffany and my son Aidan (now you know a little bit more about me) I booked a road trip with use of my own car that I sort of specially bought for the rugged terrain of this …

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May 16

The Paradox of choice


We al talk about wanting to have more choices. But is having many choices a good thing. The more we have to decide on, the less we get what we really like in the end. When working with scrum, everything has to do with making choices. A developer does not like that someone tells him …

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Apr 03

Trust gets quality

People with the lowest individual velocity are assigned to the most complex bugs. We’ve found out that this practice increases development speed. Obviously, no one wants to fix complex bugs, so they work harder to avoid that.   A colleague sent this little text to me. I also got into an argument that scrum only …

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Mar 21

Crumbling empires


It was dark in the office. All the workers already signed off for the day and wend home. All was quiet. Except for one room deep in the bowels of the building. The door was shut and within the windowless office a few people where crouched behind their computer screens whispering and working. Boxes with …

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Mar 16

Holistic Agile


I’m a big fan of Douglas Adams. As a child I was listening to the Hitchhikers Guide tot the Galaxy radio play on my small radio at night and later I read all the books. The idea that if you think live is strange, in fact in real live it is much stranger is very …

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Mar 07

A review to a kill


At the end of every sprint there is something that is known a the review. It is a moment to look at what has been done by the teams. Only often it is used in a way it is not meant to be or it is not used at all. It is so simple but often …

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Oct 10

Drive en Lef

Heb je drive en lef nodig om Scrum goed kunnen te laten werken?  Scrum maakt het dat mensen mondig worden. Dat mensen durven op te komen voor hun mening en ideeën. Maar bedenk dat veel mensen in de IT wereld vaak wat introvert zijn. Ze programmeren liever goede code dan dat ze openbaar hun zegje …

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