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May 16

Kick them out


Years ago I attended my first ever Scrum course. I was to become a Scrummaster and in front of me was the insightful and powerful Jeff Sutherland. Everything he told us was grand and fantastic. I listened to everything he said and loved it. But there was one thing that kept me thinking for years. …

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Feb 26

Creative planning

planning the future

Something that comes by now and again is planning. And with this I don´t mean the planning sessions within Scrum or planning work through the day. I´m talking about the planning that occurs in boardrooms and amongst managers. Often I am asked to provide a long term planning. How many sprints something would take and …

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Feb 13

They don’t need protection


The Scrum master is there to protect the team and to facilitate them where needed. Let’s think about this. First why do they need protection? For what I have seen over the last couple of years is that developers and designers are in most cases, adult people. They left school. Know how to commute to …

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Dec 13

Dig up the roots


Our last AgileOpenKitchen was at Mangrove in Rotterdam. A great company that shows how people can work together in projects along side with customers. They design and build great online projects. But even though it was a great meeting and there is a lot to talk about  their own agile approach. It is not something …

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Nov 23

IT professionals are just like humans


What do you think is the coolest: Starwars or Startrek? You are part of the in crowd if it’s the latter. Then you must be a geek and not a nerd. That is what I found out when I searched for the drives of software developers.  Although I not at all a fan of science …

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Nov 12

Bite the bullet

Bite the Bullet by Della Stock

Let’s face it. There are no guarantees in life and even less in business. Often companies implement ways of working that they hope will bring some sort of guarantee that every problem will be solved. In the case of scrum it is sometime sold as the of silver bullet. Sold as the means to end …

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Aug 14

Getting there is hard

learning to fly

I sometimes ask myself why some people are trying so hard to run the opposite direction when the other way leads to les pressure and ease.  When I introduce people to Scrum or Kanban they are open for change. But as soon as I start actually working with it, there are always people who want …

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Aug 03

Surpass the master


In our Agile community there is something known as Shu-Ha-Ri. It is an Aikido term and it stands for the transition from student to master and in the process of growing and learning, surpassing the master in wisdom. The idea is that the student becomes the master and the master turns into the student. Somehow …

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Jun 01

The toughest mudder of them all


It came to my attention, or better said, I came to the conclusion that being a product owner in scrum is a very tough job. From one side you have to be able to deal with stakeholders and business. And on the other side you have to try to get the team build stuff that …

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Apr 20

The last project manager


There is a sad thing going on in our business. While most of us are working in agile environments, doing scrum, kanban or any other agile project solution . A large quantity of people is not and slowly they are getting outnumbered. Amongst others we are witnessing the final struggles of the project manager. I …

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