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Apr 30

With law our land shall rise, but it will perish with lawlessness


The Agile Manifesto was written in February of 2001 by seventeen independent-minded software practitioners . While the participants didn’t agree about much, they found consensus around four main values. For those of you who are not aware they are as follows. We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others …

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Jun 17

Moving the mastodont


More and more I see companies who want to work with frameworks like Scrum but fail in getting it right. The more I look at why this happens the more obvious it becomes for me that the larger the company the more the challenge. And sometimes it is even impossible to get it to work. …

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Apr 25

Have fun with Lego

Lego Retrospective

It’s not the first time I write about this. Maybe I’m very enthusiastic about this. Maybe I just want to tell you about this because it is plain and simple fun but very effective. Doing your meeting with Lego. As a coach I help people to see things how they are, either good or bad. …

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Jul 05

Building respect with kids and Lego


So you take around 17 children from group six who are  around the age of nine and ten. You give them one hour and you pose a question about respect. And then you throw in a pile of Lego. What do you get? More than you can imagine. When I started to work with Lego …

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Dec 13

Dig up the roots


Our last AgileOpenKitchen was at Mangrove in Rotterdam. A great company that shows how people can work together in projects along side with customers. They design and build great online projects. But even though it was a great meeting and there is a lot to talk about  their own agile approach. It is not something …

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Nov 23

IT professionals are just like humans


What do you think is the coolest: Starwars or Startrek? You are part of the in crowd if it’s the latter. Then you must be a geek and not a nerd. That is what I found out when I searched for the drives of software developers.  Although I not at all a fan of science …

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Oct 19

It takes time


How long does it take to implement scrum and turn behavior to a more agile approach? Scrum is something that helps to release software more often and faster with high quality. So this does mean that you want it as soon as possible. Scrum in itself is very simple. There are a few basic rules …

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Oct 13

First AgileOpenKitchen: done


A couple of weeks ago I got together with Niels Talens and Maurice le Rutte. We thought up a few great ideas and one of them was simply visiting other companies. Not just sitting in some boring room and watch slideshows, but actualy have a look at how they work. Having a view of the …

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Oct 12

People are not cattle

(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

It is impossible to predict the future. So why do some of us still try to bring their company into jeopardy in trying to do so. I think we all heard of top managers who think they have so much experience that they can read minds, bring success to projects by keep doing the same …

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Aug 03

Surpass the master


In our Agile community there is something known as Shu-Ha-Ri. It is an Aikido term and it stands for the transition from student to master and in the process of growing and learning, surpassing the master in wisdom. The idea is that the student becomes the master and the master turns into the student. Somehow …

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