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Aug 29

Trust the bike

A while ago I read a parody of the Agile Manifesto at a Agile Coach Gathering.  Myself and other coaches laughed about this. It is often that when agile coaches meet that we laugh about things. And sometimes we cry a little. We laugh because somethime this is the only logical thing to do. We …

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Apr 30

With law our land shall rise, but it will perish with lawlessness

The Agile Manifesto was written in February of 2001 by seventeen independent-minded software practitioners . While the participants didn’t agree about much, they found consensus around four main values. For those of you who are not aware they are as follows. We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others …

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Oct 16

AgileOpenKitchen: Visit, share and learn

AgileOpenKitchens. We have had a few and until now the response from attendees is positive. We have been very welcome at companies who opened their business for those who are interested in Agile, Scrum, Kanban and anything in between. Companies who don’t have everything perfectly running and still learning the ropes, but who are on …

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Aug 24

Make mistakes……please!

One day an elderly woman who was parishioner at a church decided to make a huge mistake.  In the church there was a very old fresco, painted in the 19th century by the painter Elias Garcia Martinez. The fresco was tainted by time and moist and the image where rapidly deteriorating. The woman decided that …

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Jul 04

Kids stuff

My son is eight, nearly nine. And  probably like most kids of his age he doesn’t like to do his homework. He likes to play videogames and watch tv in stead and I try to keep this to a minimum and to let him also do the important things. So I was looking for a …

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Mar 16

Holistic Agile

I’m a big fan of Douglas Adams. As a child I was listening to the Hitchhikers Guide tot the Galaxy radio play on my small radio at night and later I read all the books. The idea that if you think live is strange, in fact in real live it is much stranger is very …

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Feb 23

How to get to the moon

Where does it start. That is a question I often ask myself. What is the first step to take in the transition from ordinary projects managed by project managers to a new agile kind of way with self-organizing teams? Is there a certain path one should take to get going on the way to success? …

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Feb 14

Jip and Janneke

One day Jip visits Janneke. Jip would love to have a beautiful playground with everything in it. Janneke thinks she can provide in this but first she would like to know what should be in it. “A swimming pool, a slide, a sandbox and much more” said Jip. Janneke writes it all down in a …

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Jan 19

De schommel

In de tuin hangt een schommel. Een hele oude schommel. Het touw is bijna vergaan. De verf op het plankje is gaan bladderen. En de boom waaraan de schommel hangt is oud. Zo oud dat het touw van de schommel in de schors is gegroeid.  De schommel is ook moeilijk bereikbaar door opgeschoten onkruid en …

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Jan 13

Bescherm tegen uitsterven

Veel bedrijven zijn bang. Heel erg bang. De mensen die er werken verstoppen zich voor de grote dreiging. Een dreiging die we denk ik allemaal wel herkennen. De grote gevaarlijke opdrachtgever. Uit angst voor wat er misschien kan gebeuren houden veel bedrijven ze zoveel mogelijk weg van alles. Maar is die angst wel gegrond. Is …

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