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Nov 29

Kill the hybrid

Often I venture into companies that already started to use some sort of Agile way of working like with Scrum or Kanban. When it concerns a large company, frameworks like Scrum or Kanban most of the time aren’t enough. So scaling methodologies are available like  LeSS (Large Scale Scrum), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) or Nexus. …

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Jul 04

Don’t start with the vacancy, start with the question

Scaling at the beach

“Hi we want to hire a Agile coach with LeSS or SAFe Certification. He or she will provide our teams with some training.” Well I hate to bring this to you, but this does not work. The first big question you have to ask yourself as a company is “why”. Why do you want to …

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Jan 08

Do the right thing

Do the right thing

Software development can be complex. It needs a lot of thinking about code should be written and how complex systems should communicate amongst themselves. It doesn’t become more easy if you ad the various titles that are involved with this development process. You need software developers, but also software architects, art directors, UX designers, Interaction …

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Nov 09



Are we prisoners of our own projects? We haven’t done anything wrong, we work hard to deliver great software. We try hard to add business value on everything we do and we try to work together as optimal as possible. But there is always that deadline that in most cases was devised by someone who …

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Oct 19

It takes time


How long does it take to implement scrum and turn behavior to a more agile approach? Scrum is something that helps to release software more often and faster with high quality. So this does mean that you want it as soon as possible. Scrum in itself is very simple. There are a few basic rules …

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Apr 20

The last project manager


There is a sad thing going on in our business. While most of us are working in agile environments, doing scrum, kanban or any other agile project solution . A large quantity of people is not and slowly they are getting outnumbered. Amongst others we are witnessing the final struggles of the project manager. I …

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Mar 16

Holistic Agile


I’m a big fan of Douglas Adams. As a child I was listening to the Hitchhikers Guide tot the Galaxy radio play on my small radio at night and later I read all the books. The idea that if you think live is strange, in fact in real live it is much stranger is very …

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Mar 07

A review to a kill


At the end of every sprint there is something that is known a the review. It is a moment to look at what has been done by the teams. Only often it is used in a way it is not meant to be or it is not used at all. It is so simple but often …

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Dec 27

Afronden is falende efficiëntie


De laatste dagen van het jaar tikken voorbij en iedereen om mij heen legt het werk langzaam neer. Mensen zijn niet meer beschikbaar en de paar die nog achter hun bureau zitten zijn vrijwel niet vooruit te branden. Wat is dat toch met die laatste twee weken van het jaar dat we instorten. Dat we …

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