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Oct 13

First AgileOpenKitchen: done

A couple of weeks ago I got together with Niels Talens and Maurice le Rutte. We thought up a few great ideas and one of them was simply visiting other companies. Not just sitting in some boring room and watch slideshows, but actualy have a look at how they work. Having a view of the …

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Oct 12

People are not cattle

It is impossible to predict the future. So why do some of us still try to bring their company into jeopardy in trying to do so. I think we all heard of top managers who think they have so much experience that they can read minds, bring success to projects by keep doing the same …

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Aug 14

Getting there is hard

I sometimes ask myself why some people are trying so hard to run the opposite direction when the other way leads to les pressure and ease.  When I introduce people to Scrum or Kanban they are open for change. But as soon as I start actually working with it, there are always people who want …

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Apr 03

Trust gets quality

People with the lowest individual velocity are assigned to the most complex bugs. We’ve found out that this practice increases development speed. Obviously, no one wants to fix complex bugs, so they work harder to avoid that.   A colleague sent this little text to me. I also got into an argument that scrum only …

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Feb 23

How to get to the moon

Where does it start. That is a question I often ask myself. What is the first step to take in the transition from ordinary projects managed by project managers to a new agile kind of way with self-organizing teams? Is there a certain path one should take to get going on the way to success? …

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Jan 23

Even terugkijken

Het is denk ik wel bekend dat Scrum eenvoudig is maar het toepassen en vooral volhouden ervan heel moeilijk. Gelukkig slagen veel bedrijven erin om het vast te houden en er voor te zorgen dat iedereen aan boord blijft. Maar er zijn projecten, teams en bedrijven die vaak enthousiast beginnen maar gaandeweg tijdens het werken …

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Jan 13

Bescherm tegen uitsterven

Veel bedrijven zijn bang. Heel erg bang. De mensen die er werken verstoppen zich voor de grote dreiging. Een dreiging die we denk ik allemaal wel herkennen. De grote gevaarlijke opdrachtgever. Uit angst voor wat er misschien kan gebeuren houden veel bedrijven ze zoveel mogelijk weg van alles. Maar is die angst wel gegrond. Is …

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Jan 10

SIMPLE, introduction

SIMPLE Introduction In this blog I want to introduce a new concept that I call “SIMPLE”. A good friend says it’s a “whole new philosophy on leadership,” but that sounds too pretentious to me. At most it’s a fresh way of thinking about management. But even that creates high expectations. In any case, it is …

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