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Nov 18

Predicting the future by force

Lately I see it a lot. Scrum teams who plan a session to look at the product backlog and the items in it. It is named a Product Backlog Refinement. It is always a great idea for a team to look ahead at what’s coming next and to be prepared. It the past it was …

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Mar 07

It’s all about the input

Garbage in, garbage out This is a pretty basic principle. But what do you expect? What are the odds that if you give poor descriptions of your vision and needs that the results will be as expected? 50/50? Maybe less? Within the agile community there’s a lot of information to be found on processes and …

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Jan 03

Mini Golf Tactics

Or How Product Vision is Agile’s best friend. As a child I was already partial to Agile Thinking. I remember one of my first mini-golf games, where I – unaware of the goal of using as few strokes as possible – carefully directed the ball towards the putt little by little. I had to be …

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