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Nov 18

Predicting the future by force

Lately I see it a lot. Scrum teams who plan a session to look at the product backlog and the items in it. It is named a Product Backlog Refinement. It is always a great idea for a team to look ahead at what’s coming next and to be prepared. It the past it was …

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Apr 04

The myth of estimation


One of the trickiest parts in Scrum is estimating the entire Product Backlog. Often I’m asked to do this or to help Product Owners to do so. In almost every case management, the CEO or the customer demands it. Why would they want this? They want to know when everything is finished. And by estimating …

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Aug 07


On the left the sub-sprint board for the 20 point userstory that is on the main board on the right

Today I encountered a very interesting situation. I named it Sub-Scrum. A small team is working on a software solution. And during the planning session they encountered a user story that was a bit complicated. They assigned twenty story-points and according to their baseline this is very high. Normally I would advise to cut it …

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Jul 05

Warroom tactics


I sneaked into the meeting. The conversation had already started and the pleasant introduction formalities where passed. The Scrum master and product owner glanced at each other and ignored me when I joined the others at the table. They knew what they had to do. The question posed by the division manager was very simple. …

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Apr 19

Kill the Khan

You don't need a kanban master

Does Kanban need a master? With almost every training or presentation I do about Kanban this question often is asked. Because in Scrum you have the Scrummaster so in Kanban you should have a Kanban-master. Right? Well not exactly. First of all kanban leaves roles and processes as they are. Through the use of Kanban …

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Mar 27

Task driven Scrum


As a scrummaster there are a lot of things where you can focus on. Making sure userstories are written correct and that the team understands them. Making sure that the standup is done correctly. Getting a lot of info from the retrospective. And so on. But with almost every team I have coached I stumbled …

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Oct 01

Challenge intellectually


Challenge your team intellectually or they will challenge themselves in ways you wouldn’t have chosen. Don Wells wrote about this on his blog a couple of years ago. I stumbled upon this proverb and liked it. But I got some questions that made me have to explain why. As a product owner it is important …

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Sep 18

Technical userstories: pick a side


In almost every project that I know of the question emerges what to do with technical user stories. At first I was inclined to just say that there is no such thing as a technical user story and that all stories on the product backlog and scrum board should be functional. Even though something can …

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Jul 30

Mind the gap

A while ago I was asked by people at a company I was working for to come up with a clear overview of the responsibilities of the various scrum roles. Who does what and where does their involvement start and/or end? My first answer was that everybody is supposed to be involved and should work …

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Jul 16

Drive slowly


This year we decided to go to Norway for our holiday. Together with my girlfriend Simone, her daughter Tiffany and my son Aidan (now you know a little bit more about me) I booked a road trip with use of my own car that I sort of specially bought for the rugged terrain of this …

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