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Jul 02

The hell with the Product Owner!

Last weekend I watched a rugby game on television for the first time in my life. I don’t normally watch much sports but I think that I watched it for a while because the teams were forming a scrum. This is an image we use for our presentations about the Scrum framework a lot. It’s …

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Jun 01

The toughest mudder of them all

It came to my attention, or better said, I came to the conclusion that being a product owner in scrum is a very tough job. From one side you have to be able to deal with stakeholders and business. And on the other side you have to try to get the team build stuff that …

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Mar 07

A review to a kill

At the end of every sprint there is something that is known a the review. It is a moment to look at what has been done by the teams. Only often it is used in a way it is not meant to be or it is not used at all. It is so simple but often …

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Dec 12

Stakes are high

Volgens oude Engelse wetgeving is een stakeholder een persoon of partij die iets van waarde of gelden vasthoudt tot de rechtmatige eigenaar het opeist. Bijvoorbeeld tijdens een weddenschap of totdat er een gerechtelijke uitspraak was werden de gelden aan een onpartijdige stakeholder in beheer gegeven tot de zekerheid van de uitkomst bekend was en het …

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