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Aug 24

After continuous integration there is continuous validation

It’s a funny thing to say that delivering business value is the most important thing when developing software. It doesn’t matter that a framework like Scrum is far from efficient, because we focus on value. We deliver business value. Working software. Every sprint. Period. But in the end we often just don’t know the impact …

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Jul 14

How assumptions are not the mother of all f-ups

The thing about trends is that they will come and they will go. So after the agile trend continuous delivery and devops are in line. I think in a way it is very nice to see that development craftsmanship practices are becoming more and more accepted. We can all benefit from this. Software is eating …

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Mar 17

Why so serious?

Scrum has been around for almost 18 years now. Scrum was introduced in a research by Ikujiro Nonaka en Hirotaka Takeuchi at the beginning of 1986 in a Harvard Business Review and it was further developed by Jeff Sutherland in 1993. He, together with Ken Schwaber published it in 1985. So you could say that …

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Jan 31

At your service

Software as a service

When you want to be successful at delivering software you have to stop treating it as a product and as a project. Turn it into as service to get it to be a success. Why do so many recruiters and HR staff when looking for new Scrum master still post ads that say that they …

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Jan 12

Bugs metric; quality measure or waste?

This year we want to start measuring our bugs and make it vissible on the white board per sprint. This means in the first place, what are those bugs we want to register? We don’t want a complete overhead of bug registration, but we do need to find out which ones we do want to …

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