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Apr 04

The myth of estimation

One of the trickiest parts in Scrum is estimating the entire Product Backlog. Often I’m asked to do this or to help Product Owners to do so. In almost every case management, the CEO or the customer demands it. Why would they want this? They want to know when everything is finished. And by estimating …

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Jul 05

Warroom tactics

I sneaked into the meeting. The conversation had already started and the pleasant introduction formalities where passed. The Scrum master and product owner glanced at each other and ignored me when I joined the others at the table. They knew what they had to do. The question posed by the division manager was very simple. …

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Feb 13

They don’t need protection

The Scrum master is there to protect the team and to facilitate them where needed. Let’s think about this. First why do they need protection? For what I have seen over the last couple of years is that developers and designers are in most cases, adult people. They left school. Know how to commute to …

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Sep 18

Technical userstories: pick a side

In almost every project that I know of the question emerges what to do with technical user stories. At first I was inclined to just say that there is no such thing as a technical user story and that all stories on the product backlog and scrum board should be functional. Even though something can …

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Jul 30

Mind the gap

A while ago I was asked by people at a company I was working for to come up with a clear overview of the responsibilities of the various scrum roles. Who does what and where does their involvement start and/or end? My first answer was that everybody is supposed to be involved and should work …

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Jun 26

Velocity is not the goal

There is a story. It’s s story about an answer. The ultimate answer to everything! The answer to the question of life, the universe and everything else. The outcome of that particular question is forty-two. For those of you who know this story by Douglas Adams, you can probably recognize the search by humanity for …

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Jun 01

The toughest mudder of them all

It came to my attention, or better said, I came to the conclusion that being a product owner in scrum is a very tough job. From one side you have to be able to deal with stakeholders and business. And on the other side you have to try to get the team build stuff that …

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Jan 13

Bescherm tegen uitsterven

Veel bedrijven zijn bang. Heel erg bang. De mensen die er werken verstoppen zich voor de grote dreiging. Een dreiging die we denk ik allemaal wel herkennen. De grote gevaarlijke opdrachtgever. Uit angst voor wat er misschien kan gebeuren houden veel bedrijven ze zoveel mogelijk weg van alles. Maar is die angst wel gegrond. Is …

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Dec 12

Stakes are high

Volgens oude Engelse wetgeving is een stakeholder een persoon of partij die iets van waarde of gelden vasthoudt tot de rechtmatige eigenaar het opeist. Bijvoorbeeld tijdens een weddenschap of totdat er een gerechtelijke uitspraak was werden de gelden aan een onpartijdige stakeholder in beheer gegeven tot de zekerheid van de uitkomst bekend was en het …

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