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Dec 18

Agile does damage

Agile does damage

Agile can inflict a lot of irreversible damage to companies and teams and it can, in most cases, not be repaired. I sometime encounter companies that have implemented a form of Agile. Sometimes they use Scrum or Kanban and in other occasions they only use a few things from these Agile work models. But no …

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Nov 12

Bite the bullet

Bite the Bullet by Della Stock

Let’s face it. There are no guarantees in life and even less in business. Often companies implement ways of working that they hope will bring some sort of guarantee that every problem will be solved. In the case of scrum it is sometime sold as the of silver bullet. Sold as the means to end …

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Nov 09



Are we prisoners of our own projects? We haven’t done anything wrong, we work hard to deliver great software. We try hard to add business value on everything we do and we try to work together as optimal as possible. But there is always that deadline that in most cases was devised by someone who …

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Oct 22

Leeroy Jenkins


A few years ago there was a very funny movie on the Internet. A group of World of Warcraft gamers came together online for a challenge. Together they plan to battle with dragons. Lots of dragons. A difficult challenge that they serve well to prepare. Spells are cast to each other for more power. Weapons …

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Oct 13

First AgileOpenKitchen: done


A couple of weeks ago I got together with Niels Talens and Maurice le Rutte. We thought up a few great ideas and one of them was simply visiting other companies. Not just sitting in some boring room and watch slideshows, but actualy have a look at how they work. Having a view of the …

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Oct 12

People are not cattle

(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

It is impossible to predict the future. So why do some of us still try to bring their company into jeopardy in trying to do so. I think we all heard of top managers who think they have so much experience that they can read minds, bring success to projects by keep doing the same …

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Sep 10

Overcome your fear


In every project team there is something that rears its nasty head and starts biting people. It is something knows as fear. It has many faces. There is fear of failure, fair of change or fear of management and the fear of the unknown. There is fear for under-achievement and over-achievement. The fear of loosing …

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Sep 05

Combined forces


The Agile manifesto tells us to be, well, Agile. It is a good idea to focus on people, the product and cooperation. And don’t be afraid for change and even embrace it. Now I love to do just that. Changing things to see if it works. I use Scrum and I use Kanban. They both …

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Sep 03

Involuntary scrum


The project was running for a while. Sprint after sprint the team members got closer to the goal. It was not a project where it was possible to produce software that was to go live after each sprint so they build upon it until it was done. The team was tackling the challenges when they …

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Aug 14

Getting there is hard

learning to fly

I sometimes ask myself why some people are trying so hard to run the opposite direction when the other way leads to les pressure and ease.  When I introduce people to Scrum or Kanban they are open for change. But as soon as I start actually working with it, there are always people who want …

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