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Apr 30

With law our land shall rise, but it will perish with lawlessness


The Agile Manifesto was written in February of 2001 by seventeen independent-minded software practitioners . While the participants didn’t agree about much, they found consensus around four main values. For those of you who are not aware they are as follows. We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others …

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Aug 03

Don’t hire a ScrumMaster


The ScrumMaster is a role and not a job title, so companies posting a vacancy for ScrumMaster are on the wrong track. Earlier we talked about the idea to first answer the “why” question and then start by looking for the right people to help you with the Agile transformation. Lately we see that roles …

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Apr 25

Have fun with Lego

Lego Retrospective

It’s not the first time I write about this. Maybe I’m very enthusiastic about this. Maybe I just want to tell you about this because it is plain and simple fun but very effective. Doing your meeting with Lego. As a coach I help people to see things how they are, either good or bad. …

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Jan 04

Shit Bad Scrum Masters say


I know we can laugh about this but you might be surprised what I encounter sometimes in real company situations. The truth is sometime more horrifying than you might see in this classy video. If you have seen it, have another laugh, if you haven’t. Watch and learn and really think if you see something …

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Sep 29

Agile thoughts from the mind


At this moment I am working on a presentation for one of our departments about Agile and Scrum. When I started working on this presentation I was thinking how to inspire the people about Agile. I know the obvious theory and values from the books and trainings, but what are the interesting things for the …

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Jul 05

Building respect with kids and Lego


So you take around 17 children from group six who are  around the age of nine and ten. You give them one hour and you pose a question about respect. And then you throw in a pile of Lego. What do you get? More than you can imagine. When I started to work with Lego …

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Jun 14

Lego goes retro

Doing a Retro with Lego and a video connection to Romania

As an agile coach I also show Scrummasters how to conduct various forms of retrospectives. I think most of us know the usual way to do it with stickies and ask everyone to write down what went well and where there is room for improvement. It is vital to the scrum process to do retrospectives, …

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Mar 27

Task driven Scrum


As a scrummaster there are a lot of things where you can focus on. Making sure userstories are written correct and that the team understands them. Making sure that the standup is done correctly. Getting a lot of info from the retrospective. And so on. But with almost every team I have coached I stumbled …

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Feb 13

They don’t need protection


The Scrum master is there to protect the team and to facilitate them where needed. Let’s think about this. First why do they need protection? For what I have seen over the last couple of years is that developers and designers are in most cases, adult people. They left school. Know how to commute to …

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Feb 07

Never stop looking past the curve in the road

Curvy Road by Alex Lin

I like cars. More precisely, I like fast cars. Cars can be driven in a lot of different ways, but only fast cars can be driven fast. They have a high power-to-weight ratio, the right suspension and wheels, etcetera. Fast cars can be big cars with big engines. They may have a high top speed …

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