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Nov 18

Predicting the future by force

Lately I see it a lot. Scrum teams who plan a session to look at the product backlog and the items in it. It is named a Product Backlog Refinement. It is always a great idea for a team to look ahead at what’s coming next and to be prepared. It the past it was …

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Jul 12

Relax. It’s just an hour of work

Here’s one to think about and I would like your opinion or ideas on this one. I recently stumbled into an argument with a fellow coach. I told him that it’s not bad to direct or influence a team towards a certain baseline when it comes to estimating with poker. That it’s not bad to …

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Feb 07

Never stop looking past the curve in the road

Curvy Road by Alex Lin

I like cars. More precisely, I like fast cars. Cars can be driven in a lot of different ways, but only fast cars can be driven fast. They have a high power-to-weight ratio, the right suspension and wheels, etcetera. Fast cars can be big cars with big engines. They may have a high top speed …

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Oct 08

Velocity is not for you

A while ago someone told me they let their product owners participate in estimations. And I don’t mean watch how the team estimates but really estimating stories. I’ve heard about non-programming scrum master, projectmanagers, salespeople and architects who decided their input is fundamental for getting estimations correct, but product owners were new to me. And …

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