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Jan 12

Bring home the bacon not the receipt

When did we start to lose track of what we really needed and began focussing on how much something costs? As a Scrum Coach I see it more than often that customers ask how much time something takes. How much effort and money is needed. The planning of a project is build upon the time …

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Nov 18

Predicting the future by force

Lately I see it a lot. Scrum teams who plan a session to look at the product backlog and the items in it. It is named a Product Backlog Refinement. It is always a great idea for a team to look ahead at what’s coming next and to be prepared. It the past it was …

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Jan 20

A dog will guide you

We probably all know a little about the term DevOps. It is said to be the next best thing. Where Scrum doesn’t provide, DevOps does. Basically it’s nothing new. The goal is to maximize the predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability of operational processes. And this objective is very often supported by automation. Now Scrum does …

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Apr 19

Kill the Khan

You don't need a kanban master

Does Kanban need a master? With almost every training or presentation I do about Kanban this question often is asked. Because in Scrum you have the Scrummaster so in Kanban you should have a Kanban-master. Right? Well not exactly. First of all kanban leaves roles and processes as they are. Through the use of Kanban …

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Oct 10

The horror of team spike

Spike. Sometimes I wish the word didn’t exist. In al the teams I introduced this little word, they immediately misused it to hide their uncertainty. To avoid that this happens to your team, let me explain what a spike is. And when you know, how to avoid that it becomes your main impediment. A spike …

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Mar 21

Crumbling empires

It was dark in the office. All the workers already signed off for the day and wend home. All was quiet. Except for one room deep in the bowels of the building. The door was shut and within the windowless office a few people where crouched behind their computer screens whispering and working. Boxes with …

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Dec 27

Afronden is falende efficiëntie

De laatste dagen van het jaar tikken voorbij en iedereen om mij heen legt het werk langzaam neer. Mensen zijn niet meer beschikbaar en de paar die nog achter hun bureau zitten zijn vrijwel niet vooruit te branden. Wat is dat toch met die laatste twee weken van het jaar dat we instorten. Dat we …

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