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Nov 18

Predicting the future by force

Lately I see it a lot. Scrum teams who plan a session to look at the product backlog and the items in it. It is named a Product Backlog Refinement. It is always a great idea for a team to look ahead at what’s coming next and to be prepared. It the past it was …

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Apr 04

The myth of estimation

One of the trickiest parts in Scrum is estimating the entire Product Backlog. Often I’m asked to do this or to help Product Owners to do so. In almost every case management, the CEO or the customer demands it. Why would they want this? They want to know when everything is finished. And by estimating …

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Nov 19

How to uninstall scrum

There are companies that somehow don’t seem to get scrum to work and attempt to get it undone, to uninstall it so to say. Sometimes the reason is that they feel they don’t get the expected results or they have the feeling that control is no longer there. In most cases it is not installed …

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Nov 09


Are we prisoners of our own projects? We haven’t done anything wrong, we work hard to deliver great software. We try hard to add business value on everything we do and we try to work together as optimal as possible. But there is always that deadline that in most cases was devised by someone who …

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Mar 03

Waterfall falen

Scrum is vrij nieuw. Het Agile manifesto bestaat pas 10 jaar en als je dat afweegt naar het aantal jaren dat er software ontwikkeling is dan is het vrij jong. Scrum is een van de modellen die is voortgekomen uit die Agile gedachten en kwam tot leven omdat er een helder antwoord nodig was op …

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