Dec 29

Think universal

universeWe people need an end to things. We like to see where we are going, and we want to round things up. Yet we like to talk about continues integration and delivering software as a service and not as a product, at least when your mind is set to agile thinking and collaborating. Every year I look in amazement to the end of the year, especially at the people working around this time of year. Somehow the world seems to come to a full stop. Work is going slower and comes to a halt. We move stuff past the first days of the year. And we start cleaning things up.

It is at these moments that I realize that we people have a very hard time in getting to work with Scrum or Kanban. We are almost unable to adapt the Agile manifesto as a good way to work together simply because we can’t. Our way of living is intertwined with something that was invented decades ago and we just can’t seem to step away from it. Our own invented calendar, a system that does not work. It is ok to plan our holidays with it, we think. It seems to help us remember birthdays, when we want to. And is tells us when we have to take a day of, even when we don’t need to. But when you really come to think of it, It is a very stupid thing that we do. I always laugh when people tell me that it is very warm for the time of year. As if nature follows our calendar. It is a system invented by puny little men who gazed at the stars for a while and thought they could see a system in it. A system that can be applied upon everything to make sense of things. Again, people who are trying to build a system upon nature. If you have been looking up once in a while at those stars, and it is very big and complex up there. Sure, it seems to work but remember one very important thing. We are human and very tiny under those stars. And we are the most irrational, chaotic and unreliable beings that we know of in that huge universe. We think of systems and don’t use them. We come up with deadlines that we break. An appointment is never on time. And our watches are never in sync. Meetings run late and rules are broken. We try so hard to follow time schedules and plans even when we know they are wrong.

And then one day, a few people came up with a smart idea. Let’s just forget time, planning, thinking ahead and doing everything perfect according to a set plan and start listing to our feelings and human nature. To stop doing what we have done for hundredths of years. To forget what we have learned from generation on generation and just act upon our feelings. You can imagine why being agile and working with agile frameworks is so very hard to do. It is not something you take on overnight. With it we go against years of science and knowledge. But when you come to think of it, and I know I’m going on a limb with this one, we start doing things as nature intended. We start working with our instinct and guts. We start planting crops just because the temperature is right and not because the calendar told us to. We start working in harmony with the universe itself. Ok, maybe this is a bit to far fetched, but I think you get the point. And hey, it’s the end of the year so I’m entitled to my own end of year resolution. Oeps now I’m doing it myself, thinking in days. It is so hard to let go. Have a great 2014.  Don’t forget it is just a number, so better said, have a great part of your upcoming life and enjoy every moment of it.

(And don’t buy a 2014 calendar, just for the fun of it)

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