About Agile things

Agile things is about Agile. Well that seems like stating the obvious. But there is a lot to say about Agile. Can you work Agile. What is Agile. What does the Agile Manifesto stand for. And so on. There is more, lots more. Think about Lean management, extreme programming, RUB, TDD, Kanban, Scrum al all the variations upon these work models. Through this blog various experts write about their views on the matter. And like there are many ways to look at Agile, there are also many views upon the subjects. Without doing a solid statement about it, Agile things likes to show these views and share them. And most of all, open the discussion.

Agile things is still a work in progress, just like the Agile community. Even though the manifest itself is more then ten years old, the acceptation and adoption is something that is just started to happen. Agile things might work towards a FAQ and platform to move on with the Agile adoption and sharing of knowledge. We are agile ourselves so who knows what might happen here in the near future. Until then, just visit us on a regular base and please feel to respond. We are also very open to new people who would like to write about the subject or their own field of expertise. Please feel free to contact us.

This blog started out in Dutch but we moved slowly to English. The reason why some post are still in dutch.

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